My home is the open Sea, where stars shine brighter & my soul is free



Welcome to my website. Here I invite you to come along and have a look into my world.

Since many years I've been fascinated about washed up things on the beaches I visit in Greece, where I live, so I started collecting them. Deep inside me, I guess I knew that one day, I would combine these treasures with my creativity. Through the seasons and tides, every beach changes daily its colors and shapes. This brings me an endless flow of inspiration to create coastal inspired art & jewelry which I want to share with you. A unique piece of nature that reminds you every day how beautiful you are.


Because of the wild, beautiful nature on the island of Crete and the fantastic beaches, I also invite you to look into visiting us.  During the thoughtfully designed "BORN FREE - SEA GIPSY RETREATS 2023" you can experience the pure feeling of being connected with nature, to swim in open sea on the most beautiful snorkel spots, to feel balanced through the wise movement of yoga & to nourish your body with pure, healthy food - the real taste of the Mediterranean kitchen.


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