My name is Lisa Michiels, born in Belgium in July 1982. At the age of 21, I decided to go on a holiday to Greece, to the island of Crete.

During the second last day of my stay in the beautiful village Plakias, in southern Crete, I was sold a boat ticket to visit the famous Preveli Palm Beach and two hours later, welcomed on board by the handsome Captain Tasos.  It was love at first sight.

The lady who sold me the boat ticket became my mother in law and Tasos and I, now are the proud parents of two fantastic daughters called Marilena and Nefeli. 


From the very first moments being with Taso, there was something that made me feel so sure that this was the place I needed to be, to feel fulfilled and happy. I felt safe by his side and very comfortable on the boats with him. He showed me his world near, up and in the water. and taught me how to swim with fins and a mask, ammong the fish in the amazing clear seas of Crete.

For years I surfed on the waves of life with Taso, I managed the family's fish restaurant "Tasomanolis" for more than 15 years and I also am Tasos' right hand and business partner for his boat services company "Plakias Boat Tours". 



We both share a love for things we find on beaches, in the sea and even in the wild Cretan nature. For a long time many ideas were only in my mind to make things out of the stuff we collect on our adventures. Finally during the pandemic, my ideas became reality. What I've been longing for, for so long, started happening. I met some inspirational females who brought me in contact with yoga. Through yoga I came in contact with myself again. Visions, dreams and spirituality have led me to where I am now, a creative soul, expressing itself through colorful art with natural materials.