From throw-on-and-go jewellery pieces to beautiful statement items

Beach Jewelry

Beach combing is something I love doing when I am near a beach. I am fortunate to live on the island of Crete, where the beaches are numerous and beautiful. With a natural urge to travel and seek for coastlines, my art studio's drawers have a wide collection of beach treasures from around the world. 


Sea glass

It's amazing what you can find and how it looks like when the sea has taken things along with its waves and the salt.  Constant tumbling and soaking in the salt water create a smooth, frosted surface over the glass, as well as rounded edges. Sea glass comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but some colors are rarer than others.The collections I make with sea glass, are therefore very unique.

The most popular earrings, are all pairs of sea glass which are carefully matched together.  Still every time I find a pretty piece of sea glass, my heart skips a beat.

The classic pairs of earrings I make are hoops, in silver, gold plated silver and stainless steel.



Sea Tiles & Sea Pottery

Another remarkable beach find, is a beach tile. Just like the pieces of sea glass, they have their own story. Once, they were maybe a part of someone's bathroom, floor, kitchen,... who will tell where and who's they've been? I love day dreaming and asking myself where they used to belong to. I've found several tiles with a high seventies factor, the craziest colors and the coolest patterns. I use them to make statement necklaces, which carry their own story.

Sea Pottery are pieces of old broken plates, bowls or cups. Here on the Greek beaches, I sure can tell they liked blue/white pottery in the old days.