A Soulful Collection:  'Sister Tribe'


Inspired by the connectedness of females, spending time together while sharing thoughts & feelings, being productive or just being quiet.

I started making a necklace, on a cozy winter evening when my sister was here in Crete to visit me, the fire place on, a peaceful quiet evening. During the process of making it, I had an intense feeling of gratitude to have her in my life. I had a clear vision of how this necklace should look like; tribal kind of style, with natural colors and defitnitely something that would look powerful!


A necklace from me for her - jewelry made with passion,  to empower the instinctive feeling that we have a bond. For sisters, mothers & daughters, your best friends, yourself!  For all the females in your tribe you feel connected to.


Beach Treasures Necklaces

Long Necklaces

Deluxe Collection: 'Shades of Blue'


A collection inspired by the endless different blues of the Greek sea,  which changes changes its  colors depending on the weather's mood.

Every charm on these necklaces are genuine beach findings of beaches I've been to from different countries of the world.