By Mary Oliver


     Let us introduce you to, what could be a life changing week.

This is not a regular yoga retreat or an annual vacation like you're used to…


  Reconnection with nature    -    Sharing thoughts & insights   -   Balance & empowerment  -   Conscious & wise movement  - Recharging & nurturing Creativity -  a care free feeling of Freedom   -   Spirituality   -    Self-love   -   Healthy, pure Mediterranean food



Who are we & what's our story?

  I am Lisa and together with my good friend, Trish, I organize the “Born Free – Sea Gipsy Retreats 2023”. We became friends since we met through practicing yoga. Trish has been my yoga teacher since the beginning and still is today, she has been a true inspiration. The hours I’ve been listening to her fantastic stories of her travels around the world are numerous and the loyalty to her daily yoga practice is something for me to look up to.


Trisha Mann

After travelling for many years, she fell in love with the raw mountains and deserted beaches of Crete. She has trained in Ashtanga, Vinyassa Flow and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She can often been seen hanging from a tree in her Aerial Yoga hammock, which is one of her passions.

 "Tell me, what is it, you want to do with your One, Wild & Precious Life?"  A  beautiful and inspiring question by Mary Oliver - an American poet. Today this question comes from Trisha towards you. Her motto is 'Born Free' and with this in mind, heart & soul, she aims to make the difference for every beautiful soul who will join one of our retreats.

Lisa Michiels

I ended up in Crete, nearly 18 years ago. I lost my heart during a holiday to the handsome Captain Tasos after I bought a boat ticket for his ferry boat. One day later I decided to stay forever. I’ll keep the whole story for when you get here… 

More about me here: About

My absolute favorite thing to do, is beach combing, swimming in open sea, snorkeling & spearfishing. 



Except doing yoga, Trisha and I love spending good times together with other great female friends, going on extraordinary adventures, like hiking, pole spear fishing and wild camping on deserted beaches.  On warm summer evenings we gather outside Trish’s  tiny fairytale house or on the beaches when the full moon occurs, to enjoy some good food, we ask the cards for advice, and often we end up laughing the night away, with some madness.

We feel called to inspire and empower others in order to live their lives freely! So we decided to share our dream with you, to organize unique retreats and the ‘Born Free – Sea Gipsy retreat 2023” has been designed.


What do we offer?

     The “BORN FREE – SEA GIPSY Retreat 2023” is a thoughtfully designed week to disconnect from the busyness of life and get back in tune with nature and yourself.  A blend of exciting workshops, adventurous excursions, healthy food and guided yoga lessons for all levels. With plenty of free time to relax and explore, we invite you on the island we can call home; Crete. Our goals are; positive soul-stirring & waking up something, exciting new inside of you.

We want to send you home with a tiny 'back pack', filled with good memories, some new knowledge about healthy food & some beautiful Cretan footprints on your list of holiday destinations. 


This adventurous - yoga retreat will take place in the village ‘ Plakias’, on the south side of the island Crete. Far enough away from the crowds and mass tourism, where the beaches are still unspoiled & the sea water is turquoise, crystal clear. It’s surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery and land where the farmers do a great job growing organic fruits & vegetables and produce olive oil of the highest quality.



New dates will be announced on social media and on the website.



A luxurious stay


To give you an exceptional and exclusive experience to remember forever, we will host you in the brand new beautiful ‘Boutique Hotel Nerea’, one minute walk away from the beach, the yoga garden and the chilled beach bars.  This hotel is small, adults only and hosts small groups in order to provide a tranquil stay. The rooms’ balconies look towards the stylish pool, which make it possible to swim first thing in the morning.   The design with natural materials, creates the ultimate bohemian style which we have selected for our retreat. With a daily morning yoga program and a possibility for a refreshing dive into the Lybian sea afterwards, we welcome you at the breakfast table.



Daily Yoga lessons
For beginners & Practicing Yogis

We will welcome you in the yoga garden, right next to the Nerea Hotel. With the sounds of the waves and the birds, outdoor yoga brings the ultimate grounding & stillness experience.  We’ll do yoga together to start off the day moving our bodies wisely.

For all levels, whether you are beginner or a practicing yogi, there is always something new to learn.

Trish will guide you through slow vinyasa flow classes, with sixteen years of experience teaching.



Slow Vinyasa Flow

This style of Yoga links the breath, movement and poses together, giving the body time to find its own form & adjustment, building flexibility & strength. In the yoga garden, under the shade of the trees, we provide an atmosphere which feels save & comfortable. Trish has managed to pass on the magic of this beautiful way of movement, to many people throughout her career.


Breakfast / Brunch

Under the instructions of Trisha’s knowledge as a healthy food chef, the breakfast / brunch will be served vegetarian, food intolerance and vegan friendly with locally sourced wild & (mostly) organic ingredients and pure olive oil. One of our highest priorities is to nourish our bodies with healthy, clean food – and so we will take this habit into our retreat and offer this to you too.

Feel, smell and taste the mediterranean kitchen of Crete.


The uniqueness of this retreat lays in the finely selected activities



- Luxury Private Yacht Charter, an unforgettable experience!

- Botanical Garden Experience

- Preveli River 

- Kourtalioti

- Waterfalls & Ice cold lagoons

- Making Raw Chocolates workshop

- Beach Combing & jewelry making workshop

- Daily morning yoga sessions
- Full Moon & Sunset Beach evening

- Small groups of maximum 8 people



Retreat Activities


Private Luxury Yacht Charter 

The highlight of the week is an adventurous day at sea. We’ve chartered a yacht for the day to discover the hidden gems of south Crete! The tour is called “Treasures of the South”.    Breath the wild air.    

- White Beach for mud therapy and swimming in turquoise blue water + sunbathing at this secluded lonely beach

- Cave swimming & SUP board fun at Marmara Beach

- Visit and free time in the dreamy blue white village Loutro, which is only accessible by boat

- Visit to the secret cave & hidden lagoon

- An unforgettable sunset from aboard on the way back home


Botanical Garden Experience

A visit to the Maravel Garden in Spili. to discover the health benefits which are offered from all the plants, growing on Crete. The enormous garden is a true sensation to walk through with healing & aromatic herbs, cactus garden, tea plantage, a rose garden, a wine cellar, a fairytale river, and more. This place is so special we decided it is a 'not to miss' highlight during our retreat. Live the moment.


Kourtalioti Waterfalls, Preveli River & Ice cold lagoons

The impressive waterfalls in the canyon of Kourtalioti are only a short distance away from where we stay. Here we'll make an adventurous, walk down into the gorge, where the pink oleanders & purple dragon flies complete the magical scenery. The cold & fresh water coming down in waterfalls, lagoons and the river, will make you feel alive!


Raw Chocolates Making Workshop

In this fun Raw Chocolate making workshop Trish will guide you through the process of making delicious sugar free, dairy free chocolates with vegan options. Our workshops will take place under the shade of the olive trees, on a cozy patio, where we'll sit together and let the activity flow.

With only five ingredients you will have the chance to add your own touches with flavours, dried fruit & nuts.


Beach Combing & Jewelry making workshop with Lisa

Throughout the week we'll be visiting many different beaches.

After you've found your special beach treasure, we'll turn it together, into a unique necklace or bracelet to take home with you. With either sea glass, old sea tiles or that special little stone that caught your eye, you wil make a souvenir to remember the great times in Crete. Nurturing your creativity


Sunset & Full Moon Beach night

On the last night of our retreat, when the sun sets and the full moon occurs, we will gather to enjoy great energy, some nice food in the beach bar, a drink on the beach and some good music 

Curious for what the cards want to tell you? We'll bring our insight & inspiration card decks. Under the full moon light, you can pick your card. There are no right or wrong answers, only fine positive directions to discover your own insights.

 And above all; some star & moon gazing without any light pollution at all. Blissful Moments



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